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Traditional kicksled

What a great way to spend the holidays and also this winter, on a kicksled. We have these in stock in a variety of sizes. Get one for you, your family or maybe for up at the cottage. They are a blast.

Let’s go kicking sledding!

WE have the exciting Kickspark Max in stock in three different colors. We also have the traditional kicksled as well in stock. Improve your winter excitement with a Skimmer 45 iceboat and some kicksleds. Ice Cold Fun!!

Ducks Beware!

Its the time of year for these sleek duck skiffs. One of the best on the market built to the specs we build our racing sailboats to, so they are light and strong. We are still building so don’t wait and get yours on order.

I am going to camp!

Camps love our Barnett 1400 sailboats. They are built solid for years and years of use and are full of room for sailors of all ages. Give us a call about improving your camp sailing for next season.

Skimmer 45 iceboat

Used Lockley Skimmer 45 iceboat

This is a well maintained used Skimmer 45 that comes complete with factory parts, new wires and a lot of little extras. This is a really nice used boat.

Asking $800