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Lockley Skimmer 45 Iceboat

The Lockley Skimmer 45 Iceboat

Starting at $2,200

Welcome to the Home of the Lockley Skimmer 45 Iceboat

Starting at $2,200

The Skimmer 45 is easy to use, fast to set up, and small enough to transport or ship anywhere you need it. The overall frame comes in just under nine feet long, and the entire rig comes apart into two pieces, making hauling in a standard vehicle very easy. The two frame parts nest along with the mast and boom. The overall weight is just about 70 lbs complete.

So why get involved in a Skimmer 45? The ease of use makes it an iceboat where anyone can sail well in all conditions. It is one of the few iceboats with pedal steering, making the whole experience even more comfortable. The seating is wide and soft, so the ride is great regardless of the ice conditions. The rig that comes standard on a new boat offers great control yet still provides enough excitement for even the most accomplished ice sailors.

The new Skimmer 45 package comes complete and is ready to go. From the high-quality sail, custom spars, and runners, the entire package means you get on the ice quicker. The Skimmer 45 is not a you-have-to-build-it project. When your new Skimmer 45 iceboat arrives, you take it out of the box, and you can zoom around within the hour. All the parts and equipment are standard and in stock when you need them.

So, who sails a Skimmer 45? Just about everyone who iceboats owns a Skimmer because they are so much fun and last forever. If you’ve never tried iceboating, the Skimmer 45 is an affordable and easy-to-learn option. It is also fast and fun to sail. Spend your winter having ice-cold fun!

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