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The history of Windward Boatworks began back in the mid 1990s when a bunch of young sailors were looking for a way to get a quality boat for a reasonable price. We were all looking for options which did not exist at the time and of course the funds were tight. So became the makings of Windward Boatworks. The fall of 1994 ushered in a small scow builder with the dream to make a few boats better the the rest.

We started out making a scow known as the M20, a very popular design in the seventies and eighties which we continue to offer in production today. As new technology became more available we introduced our Inland 20 scow. The Inland 20 was the first scow which offered the carbon mast and asymmetric spinnaker at an affordable price, today the class is nearing its tenth anniversary with fleets ranging all over the United States.

The I-20 continues to offer great racing and sailing and the demand continues to grow as people get exposed to the family feel and enjoyment of participating in this one design class.

Beside our bigger boats we also produce many other sailboats as well. The recent acquisition of Barnett Boatworks has added both the Barnett Butterfly and the Barnett 1400 to the many boats we currently build. The Butterfly class has over ten thousand boats built and many actively sailing and racing all over the country. In the Midwest, some of the best sailors have begun their careers on a Butterfly. The active class and large regattas continue to draw new sailors. The Butterfly is the largest scow class in the United States and it continues to grow.

Besides sailboats we also prototype and design, as well as manufacture other boats. Ranging from training and instruction boats to taxi boats, safety boats, and harbor boats. Many of these projects have gone from simple drawings to finished product at our shop. We work in all types of materials from wood to composites. Our use of sandwich construction and carbon fiber together with resin infusion and vacuum bagging methods allow us to make light weight parts and boats which retain strength and durability. The ability of our shop to transfer technology from different areas allows us to make a great product.

Outside of the marine business we continue to take on special projects. Be it wind turbine equipment, refrigeration housing, or small scale composites we put our skill into making a quality product that lasts. We have the experience to bring a project from concept to finished product. If you have composites needs be it a big project or small we can help you to find an answer. From the mass production side to one off or one of a kind project we value them all the same and apply the same dedication to the project.

From our beginning to today, we strive to make a quality product you will be happy with and that will meet all your expectations.

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