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Wax on wax off!

Getting ready to start the build process on our next projects!

Big Blue!

Did you know that the second choice for most Butterfly’s that are ordered is blue? Yes blue is the color of choice it might be our standard blue, light blue or even ice blue. But it is indeed blue which is the big color.

Complete Repair

Whether it is an E Scow, MC, Butterfly or Cruising sailboat we do full repair and all types of rigging. Our gelcoat repair color matching is exact as we match to your boat. If you are looking for E Scow rudders we have them, retraction kits in stock as well. We also offer complete rebuilds if you scow is getting older and you want to remain competitive. Give us a call.

Iowa loves Butterfly’s

We have been seeing more and more Butterfly’s heading westward to Boji the last few years. They are racing them and having fun as well. What a great place to sail!

Duck season is coming soon!

Why wait till opening day get your duck skiff now. Be ready for the season it looks like it is skiff conditions and places to hunt out of.