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Colored sails

It seems we get questioned about whether colored sails are still available almost daily. Yes, we do have them and yes you can get custom colors. Up to three colors per sail. Everybody likes colorful Butterfly Sailboats and a multi colored sail is a great way to add excitement to your sailing.

Racking up the Butterfly’s and the miles

There is a great story with this new Butterfly. It is the exact same color and sail color that the new owner had over 40 years ago. It brought back the memories which were all great. Have an awesome time sailing your new Butterfly Sailboat and creating new memories with your family!

Summer loving sunshine!

Summer is trying to get going and that means get the Butterfly Sailboat ready to go. This hot rod yellow one will be sailing on Reed’s Lake this summer. But don’t wait to get you your Butterfly Sailboat up and running for the season. We have all the parts in stock and ready to ship.

Better bring your A+ game

It should be a fast season of Butterfly Sailboat sailing down at Lake Lotawana this summer. Their fleet has a great time together and they are fast in Butterfly’s and now even faster. Have a great season of racing.

Texas yellow

It must be the year of the yellow Butterfly. This is the soft yellow or fighting lady yellow that you saw every time you went to Dallas to the White Rock Club. It was referred to as the Texas yellow by the past builders. It is a sweet color of a Butterfly to say the least.