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Windward Boatworks is your complete source for Butterfly Sailboats & Parts. We have been building Butterfly sailboats since 2006.  Butterfly sailboats are large enough to accommodate several people, fast enough for serious competition, light enough for launching by one person, and virtually maintenance free. The Butterfly has a strong National Organization and holds annual National Championship regattas. From a cottage boat to serious one-design racer – the Butterfly does it all.

What’s New with Windward Boatworks and Butterfly Sailboats

Glen, Leland, Torch, Crystal, Spring, and Grand Rapids

We are coming to you soon! We continue to hit the road and bring new Butterfly sailboats to your home lake and the list grows. It has been a crazy busy winter building Butterfly sailboats so now we start the other half of the equation. The wheels on the trailer are now spinning more then ever. We see lots of snow but we know its always a good time for a Butterfly sailboat.

Spar week Butterfly sailboat style!

We have been putting together mast packs for new Butterfly sailboats going out on delivery. You can’t catch wind without mast and booms. It is looking like a crazy busy summer of Butterfly sailboats so don’t wait to order.

So how busy is it?

It is this busy as we continue to ship boats everywhere with snow and without snow in the background. It is great to see different clubs getting new Butterfly sailboats for their fleets as well. More snow is coming and so are more Butterfly sailboats.

Butterfly sailboat = parts

The holiday came just in time for us as well as we got another big box of everything that is a Butterfly sailboat. It was shiny and also sparkled and we were glad to have them. So if you notice a part that you would see on your Butterfly sailboat it was probably in the box. Thank you one and all for making the Butterfly sailboat such a great class and sailboat!

Santa has landing lights

I bet you did not know that Santa has landing lights for all Butterfly sailboats being delivered for the holidays. Right after St Ignace these lights come on and guide us in for your Butterfly sailboats to make a grand display whether in the front yard, under the tree or in the garage.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Windward Boatworks !

The best Holiday Gift

Who doesn’t love a Harken ratchet for their Butterfly mainsheet. Every Butterfly sailboat has one do you?

Tis’ the season

It just seems like everything is Butterfly sailboat, Butterfly sailboat, and yes Butterfly sailboat. Thanks for all of your support this season. If you are looking for the ultimate holiday gift give us a call.

Butterfly sailboats go retro

Back in the day growing up I had one of these shirts and it was so cool. Well we are going retro with this Butterfly sailboat shirt and logo again. Look for our new Merch to be coming out soon.

The perfect Holiday Butterfly!

What’s your perfect Holiday Butterfly sailboat that you would like to get this season? Does that perfect Butterfly sailboat have stripes, is it a cool color? We can make your Butterfly sailboat all about you, pick the color and pick the sail.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful this year for many things, our customers, being able to have regatta’s again, our families and all the people that help us to make great Butterfly sailboats, Barnett 1400’s and all our other boats. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and for these birds running behind our shop have a safe and warm holiday as well.

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